PVC Calendering MachinePVC Sheet Manufacturing Plant

  <It's Products>

1. Soft  Vynil Sheet.
   Garments, Shoes, Bags, Laminating with fabric, Furniture, Diper
2. Rigid PVC Sheet.
   Stationary, Note Cover, Packaging Material, Album Inner, Card, Board.
3. Film.
   Color & Transparent Film, Decoration, Print.
4. Tarpaulin.
   Tent, Bag, Cover, Boat.
 5. Artificial Leather.
   Sponge, Casting Leather, Sofa, Furniture

<Main Equipment>
 1. Calender Machine

 2. Mixing Roller
 3. Warming Roller
 4. Super Mixer
 5. Cooling Drum
 6. Winder 

  < Applicable Equipment>
 1. Banbury Mixer
 2. Blender
 3. Extruder
 4. Laminating Machine
 5. Embossing Machine
 6. Printing Machine
 7. Foaming Machine
 8.Printing, Emboss Roller
 9.Electric Motor and Controller