PVC Calendering Machine



    4Roll, Reverse 'L'Type, DC Motor Speed Control, Universal Type Gear Box.

* Its Products
A.Rigid-PVC Sheet--Note Cover, Album Inner, Transparent & Color Film,
Case & Packing Material, Foaming Material, Sunning, Cover, Etc.
B.Soft-PVC Sheet---Laminating with Fabric for Bags, Shoes & Garments
C.PVC Artificial Leather, Sponge Leather for Shoes, Bags.
D.Auto Car Mats, Electric Heating Mat Cover
E.PVC Flooring
F.Decoration Tile

* Calender General
4Roll, Reverse L Type, DC Motor Speed Control, Universal Type Gear Box.
The chilled casting rolls of this machine is designed to be heated by the heat sources
equipped at the inner area. And the temperature of the roll surface reach 150-220C,
put the mixed PVC resin into the rolls and produce PVC Sheet continously.
-- Size --
There's a little kinds of Calender M/c, depend on your some target goal products,
we'll suggest the size and production with considering the buying power.
12"Diameter x 54" Width,
12" x 48"
14" x 56"
14" x 64"
16" x 72"
18" x 72"

* Main Equippment-- The lines will be some different depend on the target products, someone
can use the extruder instead of Mixing Roller.
Rigid PVC Sheet lines are containg,

1. Super Mixer 100Kg 1Set
2. Mixing Roller 16" x 42" 1Set
3. Worming Roller 16" x 42" 1Set
4. Calender M/c 12" x 48" 1Set
5. Cooling & Winder Set 1Set
6. Cutting Set 1Set
7. Inspection Unit 1Set
8. Roller & All Spare Parts

* Manufacturing Process-- 'PVC Clear Film'
Raw Material -- Weighter -- High Speed Mixing -- Roll Mixing -- Roll Worming --
--Calendering -- Cooling -- Cutting -- Inspection

Calendering Machine

Calender M/c