PVC Sheet Manufacturing Plant

Packaging Materal Making Plant

   PVC Calendering Machine System
    Soft, Rigid PVC Sheet, Film, Tarpaulin, Artificial Leather.
  T-Die Extruder Type
   PVC PP PE Sheet or Film
    Intensive Mixer

   Roto Gravour Printing Machine
   Extrusion Laminating Machine
   Laminating Machine
   Blown Film Manufacturing Plant

Artificial Leather Making Plant


   PVC Artificial Leather Making Plant  
Bag, Shoes, Garments, Furniture
   Dry, Wet Pu Coating Plant
   Stenter Line for Fabric

   Window Profile Product Line
   Compound Product Line 
   Injection Molding M/C, Blow Molding M/c and Mould

   PVC Pipe Manufacturing Plant

PVC Scrub

Fabric Deying and Finish Machinery

   Grinded PVC Sheet Mixed with CaCO3
    PVC Flooring, Deco Sheet

   Flat-Bed Auto Screen Printer
   Textile Deying Range
   Scouring, Breaching, Washing and Dry Range
   Peach, Brush, Coating M/c

Pararrel Machinery

Industrial Machinery

   Crusher- PET, PVC, Rubber, Plastic
   Mixer, Grinder, Recycler 
   Boiler- Gas, Steam, Oil Mass Boiler, High Pressure


   Roll Mill
   2Roll, 3Roll, Ball Mill, Chemical 
   Kneader, Continous Mixer, Buss
   Road, Construction Equipment
   2Roll, 3Roll, Ball Mill, Chemical 
   Power Generator